Syunik Animal Market was established in 2015 in the frameworks of the "Livestock Development in the Syunik Marz" Project which was financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by Strategic Development Agency NGO.

The main aim of the Animal Market is to stimulate the cattle trade by bringing various buyers and sellers/farmers into one organized marketplace and to create favorable conditions for both parties in order to make successful business deals in the field of live animal trade. The Animal Market is aimed at addressing existing constraints in the animal husbandry and meeting the following needs and gaps:

- Dissemination of livestock market information to stockbreeders and institutional customers,

- Establishment of strong relationship among various value chain actors ,

- Implementation of a strategy aimed at enhancing the capacities of smallholder farms in order to ensure their competitiveness in the meat market,

- Implementation of a strategy aimed at the production of high quality meat products and their market promotion. 


The Animal Market is situated in Khot rural settlement of Tatev community in Syunik Marz which is approximately 200 km far from Yerevan, 83 km from Kapan (marz center), 12 km from Goris and 32 km from Sisian cities accordingly. The market is located on the way to “Tatev Wings” which is a famous tourist sight and is at 2 km distance from Iran-Armenia highway.

This marketplace is a multifunctional structure and it offers “support” services as well, i.e. transportation services, trade-outlet/showroom for agro inputs and machinery, business support, etc. In the nearest future it is also planned to organize Open Days, fairs, rural cultural events (such as competitions amongst farmers – “Best Farmer”, “Owner of the Best animal” and other nominations, as well as other rural cultural events). Such events will attract visitors from rural and urban areas of Armenia and will promote the development of cultural and business links among rural and urban population.

The Animal Market consists of the following branches: 

Animal Market/Farm provides Animal Trade services to farmers and traders from Syunik, Vayots Dzor and other regions of Armenia. 

Administrative/business support unit provides clerical, back office and business support as well as extension and information services.

Trade Outlet/Showroom for Agro Inputs offers animal care and breeding supplies, an extensive range of veterinary medicine as well as inputs, tools and equipment needed for land cultivation.

Catering Facility/Tavern  offers traditional dishes prepared from natural fresh food produced by local farms. 


Our Partners

  • Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO